Aesthetic Surgery

Warts, Skin Tags and Mole Removal

What are Warts, Skin Tags and Moles?

Warts, skin tags and moles are skin conditions. They can look similar, since they are all growths on the skin. However, they also have certain essential differences.


  • Warts are flesh-coloured overgrowths of skin. They are hard bumps that lie within the skin.
  • This growth is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) entering a cut or break in the skin which results in an infection.
  • Warts are different from skin tags and moles mainly because they are contagious. They can spread to other body parts and to other people.

Skin Tags:

  • Skin tags are small pieces of soft, hanging skin that may have a peduncle or stalk.
  • The causes of skin tags are not clear. However, there are several hypotheses. They may be caused by clusters of collagen and blood vessels that become trapped inside thicker pieces of skin they protrude out of the skin.
  • Skin tags are different from warts because they grow out of the skin on thin stalks. In this way they are different from warts and moles which are deep within the skin. Skin tags are also different from moles because they are not genetic.


  • Moles are small, dark brown spots. They are a collection of melanocytes, the skin cells that give skin its pigment.
  • Moles can be caused by genetics but also by exposure to sun rays. New moles normally occur during changes in hormonal levels.
  • Moles are different from warts in several ways. The main difference is that moles are coloured, specifically brown, while warts are colourless. Moles also grow hair unlike warts and skin tags which are hairless.

How Warts, Skin Tags and Moles are Removed:

Warts, skin tags and moles are removed in their own unique and different ways.


These growths are caused by a viral infection and so they naturally go away when your immune system defeats the virus. However, because they are contagious and can cause pain are unsightly your doctor may recommend their removal. The following methods can be used to remove warts from your skin:
  1. At-home wart removal: Over-the-counter wart removal medications, such as Compound W, contain salicylic acid. This acid dissolves warts one layer at a time. These medications come in liquid, gel and patch form. They need to be applied every day for several months to get rid of the wart completely.
  2. Cryotherapy: During this procedure, your doctor applies liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart. After freezing, a blister forms and eventually both the blister and wart fall off.
  3. Laser treatment: Laser light is used to heat and destroy blood vessels inside the wart. The process cuts off the blood supply, killing the wart.

Skin Tags:

Skin tags are benign, so their removal is mostly for cosmetic purposes. They may also be removed if they rub against clothing, causing irritation. The following procedures are employed for their removal:

  1. Cauterization: The skin tag is burned off using electrolysis. The wound is then sealed to prevent infection or bleeding.
  2. Cryosurgery: The skin tag is frozen off using a probe containing liquid nitrogen. After the treatment, the skin tag will fall off in one to two weeks.
  3. Ligation: The doctor ties a surgical thread around the skin tag which causes the blood supply to be interrupted. This makes the skin tag eventually drop off.
  4. Excision: The tag is cut out with surgical scissors or a scalpel.


Most moles are harmless. These ones are removed to improve someone’s appearance. However, some moles are cancerous and so they have to be removed for the purpose of the person’s health. No matter what the reason for their removal is, these treatments can be done to remove any mole:

  1. Freezing: In this treatment, a small amount of liquid nitrogen is used to remove a noncancerous mole.
  2. Burning: This procedure uses an electric current to burn off the upper layers of a non-cancerous mole.
  3. Shaving: A surgical blade shaves the mole off the surface.
  4. Excision: Excision involves excising the mole and stitching the skin back together.

Why Warts, Skin Tags and Moles must be Removed:

These growths on the body can become uncomfortable, irritating and even cancerous in some circumstances. They also hurt the person’s appearance.

For these reasons they must be removed. If you have warts, skin tags or moles then you can come to Veecare Health Centre for treatment. We have surgeons and doctors who are experienced in the removal of these skin growths. You will get a safe and efficient treatment from us.